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We are proudly open source software technology, non-profit, non-corporate and non-affiliated, you can contribute money to. We rely on small donations from people like you to power up the sevices you care about. If you like our free open source software, support further development joining the Easyminer crew through a small regular contribution. For Cryptocoin donations please Contact Us prior making a donation. For Cash Donations please use the PayPal Donate Buttons below.

Donation Rewards

•A Donation Key will be sent to your Paypal Email, use this key to complete the Donation validation inside the Donation Reminder Window in one of our projects (Easyminer, IcecastGui, ShoutcastGui, KastorDsp or the Online Video Downloader project).

•Prioritized support regarding all our projects.

"Prioritized help" meaning your help query will be resolved first. However, we do offer free help queries to all our users in our spare time, regardless they had donated or not, so please bear with us patiently.
For Help queries use our contact form!

Legal Agreement

Payments for this purchase are accepted as Donations only, through PayPal(ShoutcastGui named). Any reward given are offered as gifts , they are not mandatory nor do not represent a legal obligation from Easyminer Team.

⚠ Attention Required!

After donating, the Auto Return feature for PayPal Payments Standard redirects you back to your website in 5 seconds. The Return URL will validate your donation and send you an email containing the payment transaction details.
It is important not to close the PayPal window after your donation completes otherwise registration(redirection) will fail and no email will be sent!

If you do not receive an email in the next 24 hours please use the contact form and send us a query containing the donation details.

Hint: All our software are Donationware and does not have any limitations(fully operational unrestricted software) regardless you had donated or not!

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